Friday, October 8, 2010

Shaun Ferrara

Shaun Ferrara is an underrated gay porn actor.
Try to google him & you'll find this single soft-core snap of him-
I like Shaun 'cause he reminds me of my favorite David Lawrence Schwimmer (Ahh! how much I adore Jewish guys, maybe Shaun is a Jew too.)
Ok, so both have a long face which I adore too much.
Shaun has a great physique, its simple & attractive.
I particularly love his bareback movies-
Shaun appears in flip-flop scenes; Shaun is a rare actor who is equally suited in penetrative as well as receptive roles.
I admire the way Shaun smiles during various sexual acts; it seems he enjoys them.
Yes, I wish to meet Shaun one day.

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